We are cider makers, but more importantly, we are cider drinkers. We are an opinionated crew of people committed to making you the best glass of cider possible.


Kanin Routson

Three advanced degrees in apple tree genetics? Yup. Kanin learned to read from seed catalogs and has been grafting apple trees since he was 12.

Tierney Routson

A field biologist with a business degree?? Unique indeed. Offering endless unsolicited opinions on everything from fermentation technique and yeast flavors to Stoic brand strategy and identity.

Tierney Stoic Cider

Cody Routson

A professional paleoclimatologist? Absolutely. Characterizing impending climate change and natural disasters pairs well with producing crisp, delicate, fruit forward apple cider. Who knew?

Clare Stielstra

Where would this company be without a hydrologist? Well, we wouldn’t have thorough predictions of water sources for our baby apple trees. That’s for sure. And she also does the book keeping.